Welcome to Brian's Reno

Brian's Reno is registered as a legitimate Ontario renovation company with ten years experience in home improvement. My biggest hope is to make every customer has their favorite and a comfortable home after renovation by.
Brian's Reno 是一家安省注册的合法装修公司,拥有十年装修经验。 我最大的期望就是让每一个客户通过装修之后拥有一个自己喜欢且舒适的家。

Now undertake indoor and outdoor large and small projects:

  • Refurbishment for the whole family, including kitchen and toilet refurbishment, structural changes, water and electricity changes, flat ceiling, family-wide oil painting, and staircase and floor renovation.
    全家翻新,包括厨房,厕所的翻新,改结构,改水电,做Flat ceiling,全家刷油以及楼梯和地板的翻新。
  • Basement decoration, including vertical walls, additional toilets, additional kitchens, stairs, floor/carpets.
    地下室装修, 包括立墙,加建厕所,加建厨房,楼梯,地板/地毯。
  • open sub door, pull the pot light, do fireplace, home theater, etc.
    开分门,拉pot light,做fireplace,家庭影院等等

projects are a professional designer can apply for permit drawing and submitted to the Government, one-stop services at affordable prices, focus on quality.
The company also undertakes outdoor projects, with professional Interlock and Landscaping teams cooperating.
本公司也承接室外工程,有专业的Interlock 和 Landscaping 队伍合作。

If necessary, please call my phone 647-781-6399 Brian Zheng, free home valuation.
如有需要请拨打我的电话 647-781-6399 Brian郑,免费上门估价