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Brian's Reno is a home improvement company which focus on house, basement, outside/inside renovation
Brian' Reno装修公司专注房屋装修,地下室。室内室外皆可
This is a picture of installing kitchen cabinet,stove, sink, and ventilator.

Bathroom decaration and install bath tub,bath shower and etc. We focus on quality on every products and we concern about customer request. Then we can provide our excellent service and layout for house improvement.
浴室装修和安装浴缸、马桶、淋浴房等。我们专注于每一个产品的质量,我们关注客户的要求。 然后我们可以为房屋改善提供优质的服务和布局。

Every item is strictly inspected, including the appearance, and the quality is kept improving. For example, the bathroom glass door shown in the picture is delivered after our careful installation and inspection.
每一个物品我们都严格检验, 包括外观,质量都是精益求精的,例如图片显示的浴室玻璃门, 都是经过我们细心的安装检验才交货的